• The Country Smooth Story

    A modern interpretation of a bold tradition

    For the Lifestyle of Country

    We love to gather with friends for a game, a concert or just for a good time. My name is Lori Carcich and I’m the Founder and CEO of Country Smooth. I set out to create a Company that would be imbued with the values we hold dear. Country Smooth was born out of a love for country music and the American lifestyle. At the time, I had a hard time finding a whiskey that could be savored the way I enjoyed a fine glass of wine. The taste had to be smooth, but not weak or watered down. My goal was to broaden the appeal of this strong American classic to a modern audience of women and men, whiskey lovers and novices alike.

  • For the Spirit of Country

    The objective was to create the highest quality experience for all of the senses from the smell and taste of the whiskey, to the look and feel of the bottle, of which all product components are made in America. I pursued my quest to find a smooth, approachable and modern spirit. With the combination of intense research and development, love for the history of whiskey culture and American pride, I arrived at Country Smooth.

  • For the Sport of Country

    My passion for competitive sports developed at a very early age, and continues to this day, with an admiration and respect for the diverse games that America has established as national treasures within our culture. From Football, Basketball and Baseball, to American Auto Racing, our national sports continue to expand domestically and globally, as does our mission to introduce quality whiskey to a new American audience.

  • Smooth Taste, Modern Style, Country Strong

    Country Smooth was created for traditional and non-traditional whiskey drinkers alike. A refined experience to be savored on its own or with endless flavor combinations.